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About us

FineBarrel was born from the pleasure of discovering, promoting and distributing rare and unique wines of exceptionally high quality. The goal of the website is to select the best wines that wine lovers deserve to taste at least once during their lifetime.

There is no room for mediocrity on our website. We offer only the world’s best wines – wines that embody the highest achievements of the wine-maker’s art, combing a love of the soil, of science and of tradition to create an exceptional product.

Thanks to an international network of collaborators (our secret agents of wine), we track down the rare treasures of the leading wine-producing countries – especially France and Italy – and offer them to you on our sites.

Since wine is in our blood, so to speak, we are always delighted to discuss it with our customers. So, if you have any questions about wine or if you’d like some helpful wine suggestions, get in touch with us at any time through our contact form. One of our wine experts will get back to you with all the help and information you need.