Tignanello or the birth of the first Super Tuscan

Tignanello or the birth of the first Super Tuscan

Tignanello is a real milestone in the history of the Italian wine industry. Moreover, last year, Tignanello 2013 ranged 8th on the Wine Spectator’s top 10 list of best wines. But what is it about this wine, that makes it so special? Let’s find out more about the birth of the first Super Tuscan.

What is a Super Tuscan wine?

Super Tuscan wines are a red blend from Tuscany. The story begins in the late 1960’s when a few individual wine producers broke with the traditional Chianti formula. Back then, restrictive DOC practices stated that a Chianti must be composed of 70% Sangiovese and at least 10% local white wine grapes. Tired of this slow bureaucracy and persuaded that they could produce better quality wine, some creative winemakers started mixing non-indigenous wine grapes, like Merlot, into their blend. And as if that were not enough, some producers let their wines mature in French barriques for more flavour. Because the DOC regulations were not met, these wines could only be labeled as “table wines”, but in the face of the wine world’s reaction, it became clear that a very special new wine was born. The term being rather diminishing for such an outstanding blend, Robert Parker, the famous U.S. wine critic, invented the term “Super Tuscan”, which became popular. A new category was born designating a great Tuscan wine, that did not conform to any specific DOC designation.

The creation of Tignanello  

In 1971, Piero Antinori, whose family company had been producing wine for centuries, was sick of the worldwide falling reputation of Tuscan wine. After having visited many regions, Antinori felt it was time to create something new and unprecedented that would revolutionise the Chianti Zone. He decided to mix only red grapes and use French barriques to add flavour and colour to this new wine. The resulting wine was called “Tignanello” and would become one of the world’s most extraordinary wines! Other winemakers joined this process of renewal and started producing their own special blends.

The singularity of Tignanello 2013 lies first of all in the long growing season and the fact, that Antinori used a large 500-liter tonneau instead of small barrels in order to emphasize the fruit flavors. Eventually, the wine aged for 14 months in a mix of French and Hungarian oak barrels. Tignanello 2013 will dazzle your senses, starting with strong aromas of graphite and smoke on the nose, followed by an intense cherry flavor. The wine is perfectly balanced and enveloping on the palate thanks to its freshness and minerality. Antinori’s constant effort to revise and refine his techniques, ultimately put the Tignanello 2013 on the Wine Spectator’s top 10 list of best wines in 2016.

Today, Tignanello is a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. Real wine lovers won’t want to miss out on this rule-breaking, intense piece of history, that’s why you can order it now on Finebarrel. Enjoy!

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